Re-Elect Ragland For Columbus School Board.

Re-Elect Ragland For Columbus School Board.

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    for Columbus School Board.

Properly Ventilated, Well Lit, Modern Facilities

Columbus City School students deserve to attend class and participate in activities in modern buildings that reflect the pride we have in our city… Continue reading

A culturally relevant curriculum that teaches children to solve the problems that exist in their community

Children should be educated to deliver themselves out of the challenges they face at home.  … Continue Reading

Safe buildings, and behavior conducive to learning

Columbus children should not be subjected to violence in our buildings during school or during any extracurricular or athletic event. ..Continue Reading


“Local elections matter because results have a direct impact on our daily lives. Make the right choice!  Re-elect James Ragland.  A voice for the voiceless. Read more about my campaign platform below.”

About James

James C. Ragland has spent his life fighting to protect and serve the less fortunate. A graduate of Bowling Green State University, he has served the Columbus community as an educator, public servant, school development officer, and advocate for minority and small businesses. In December 2018, James was appointed to the Columbus City Schools Board of Education and elected to a full-term in November 2019.

Goals & Issues.

Build Affordable Housing
Stop Gentrification
Police Accountability
Stop Corporate bailouts
Support Reparations
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